What are Progress-Monitoring Comprehension Assessments?

How can teachers know if their comprehension strategy instruction is making a difference? Each Progress-Monitoring Comprehension Assessment book for Grades K-6 identifies students’ comprehension needs and monitors their progress.

The books in this series provide three or more assessments targeting a specific comprehension strategy so that teachers can match appropriate assessments to students’ reading levels and document their comprehension progress throughout the year. All comprehension strategies correlate to Common Core and State Standards!

Each book also includes click-and-print whiteboard PDFs!

Who should use Progress-Monitoring Comprehension Assessments?

The series can be used for on- and below-level readers in Grades K-6. It is an ideal assessment companion for Everyday Comprehension Intervention Activities and Common Core Comprehension.

Where can Progress-Monitoring Comprehension Assessments be used?

  • Mainstream classrooms
  • Intervention settings
  • Response to Intervention (RTI) settings

Why do teachers need Progress-Monitoring Comprehension Assessments?

Progress-Monitoring Comprehension Assessments help teachers:

  • Monitor students’ progress as a result of instruction
  • Document progress over time
  • Make instructional decisions
  • Prepare students for standardized reading assessments

What does each Progress-Monitoring Comprehension Assessment book include?

Each book includes:

  • 3 or more assessments targeting a specific comprehension strategy
  • Assessments that accommodate on- and below-level readers
  • Strategies that are matched to standardized reading assessments
  • Multiple-choice and constructed-response items that reflect most state test formats
  • Answer keys and recording forms

What comprehension strategy is in each Progress-Monitoring Comprehension Assessment book?

Comprehension strategies are matched to English Language Arts (ELA) standards!

  • Make predictions
  • Identify sequence of events
  • Analyze story elements
  • Analyze character
  • Identify main idea and supporting details
  • Summarize information
  • Compare and contrast
  • Identify cause and effect
  • Make inferences
  • Draw conclusions
  • Evaluate author’s purpose
  • Analyze text structure and organization
  • Use text features to locate information
  • Use graphic features to interpret information
  • Evaluate facts and opinions
  • Make judgments

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